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Restriction on select-option

to restrict users from entering unwanted option input on selection screen.


Hiding Function Code in Selection Screen

Simple code to hide function code (e.g. execute button) in your selection screen of ABAP program.

Function to Assign Profit Segment (CO-PA) to GL Account when Creating FI Park Document

This post will tell you how to embedded profitable segment data to your FI park document.

Function Module for FI Park Document

Find out list of function modules related to FI Park Document in this post.

Transfer Data Between SAP & FTP Server

Find source code to exchange data between SAP and FTP Server in here.

Smartforms with QR Code

This post will describe how to display QR Code in smartforms when your SAP version haven’t supported QR Code.

BAPI Create Incoming Invoice (MIRO)

BAPI BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE can be used to create invoice as using Tcode MIRO.

Accessing File in Local Computer

Get access to file in local PC using function module in this post.

Program Locking

By using function module ENQUEUE_E_TRDIR you can lock your program to be accessed by other user at the same time.

FM Put Sign In Front

Set negative sign in your currency field using function module CLOI_PUT_SIGN_IN_FRONT.

Custom FM to Call Web Service from ABAP Program

Find a link of full source code to call web service from ABAP program.

Get List of Customer/Vendor Bank Data using FM

Function module FIN_AP_AR_GET_BANK can be used to get list of bank data.