Category ABAP

Date & Time Checking

Date & time validation is needed for certain program, e.g for interface program.


Z program to Convert Decimal to Time Format

This post is about full code to convert decimal to time format.

Printing multiple blocks of ALV in one page

Find how to print more multiple ALV block in one page!


How to create XML in SAP then download it to local file in excel form.

Create Formatted Excel File using XML DOM function

an intro of creating xml spreadsheet using XML DOM function in SAP.

Material Characteristic Table

Table related to characteristic of material.

Capture Log Data of Table Maintenance

Capture log changes of table maintenance by creating event in table maintenence generator.

Background Job Event

Here’s steps to create background job with event parameter, which means after the event is raised the background job will start running.

How to Get Default and Search Help of ALV Variant

Defined an ALV layout before displaying ALV using ALV variant.

Sorting & Grouping in ALV

Sample code of any kind of sorting or grouping you want to be displayd in ALV format.

Colour Setting in ALV

ALV stands for ABAP List Viewer as tool in SAP for displaying table in list form. It has so many features, such as set colour of its column, row, or even cell. This post will describe how to do it.

Hiding Function Code in Selection Screen

Simple code to hide function code (e.g. execute button) in your selection screen of ABAP program.