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Material Characteristic Table

Table related to characteristic of material.


Capture Log Data of Table Maintenance

Capture log changes of table maintenance by creating event in table maintenence generator.

Background Job Event

Here’s steps to create background job with event parameter, which means after the event is raised the background job will start running.

How to Get Default and Search Help of ALV Variant

Defined an ALV layout before displaying ALV using ALV variant.

Sorting & Grouping in ALV

Sample code of any kind of sorting or grouping you want to be displayd in ALV format.

Colour Setting in ALV

ALV stands for ABAP List Viewer as tool in SAP for displaying table in list form. It has so many features, such as set colour of its column, row, or even cell. This post will describe how to do it.

Hiding Function Code in Selection Screen

Simple code to hide function code (e.g. execute button) in your selection screen of ABAP program.

How to get material stock in the beginning period at storage location

In this post you’ll find wich table should be selected to get beginning stock of certain material in certain storage location.

Function to Assign Profit Segment (CO-PA) to GL Account when Creating FI Park Document

This post will tell you how to embedded profitable segment data to your FI park document.

Function Module for FI Park Document

Find out list of function modules related to FI Park Document in this post.

Transfer Data Between SAP & FTP Server

Find source code to exchange data between SAP and FTP Server in here.

Calling Smartforms from ABAP Program

A simple ABAP program to display smartforms with some parameter options.