ABAP Repository Tables

SAP Tables & its Attributes
DD02L : SAP Tables
DD02T : Table Texts
DD03L : Table Fields
DD03T : Texts for fields
DD07T : Texts for Domain Fixed Values

SAP Programs
TADIR : Directory of Repository Objects (abap program. fm. ect)
TRDIRT : Title texts for programs in TRDIR
TRDIRE : Message ID of sap program
D020T : Screen description
D010SINF : Report list with program type information (include program, module pool, ect)
D010INC : Relation between main dan include program
D347T : GUI Title of ABAP Program

TSTC : SAP Transaction Codes

SAP Message
T100 : Messages
T100A : Message IDs for T100

Function Group
V_FDIR : View for finding function modules
TLIBV : Responsible for function groups
TFDIR : Function Module
TFTIT : Function Module Short Text

Program Variant
VARID : Variant directory
VARIT: Variant Texts

STXFADM : Smartform List
STXFADMT : Smartforms text description

Printer Setting
TSP03 : Spool Printer declaration. information of printer output’s device type

E070 : TR Header
E071 : TR Object Entries
E07T : TR Short Text

User Information
USER_ADDR : Person name of SAP userid as displayed in SU01

OPSYSTEM : OS of Application and Presentation Servers


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