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Bila text-nya ingin diubah, bisa gunakan function module SAVE_TEXT

  data : lx_header type thead,
         lt_lines type table of tline with header line.

  lx_header-tdobject = 'VBBK'. "text object, dilihat di tcode VOTXN
  lx_header-tdname = salesdocument.
  lx_header-tdid = 'ZQU1'. "diisi berdasarkan salesdoctype di tcode VOTXN
  lx_header-tdspras = sy-langu.

  refresh lt_lines.
  lt_lines-tdformat = '*'.
  lt_lines-tdline = biaya_resiko_sendiri.
  append lt_lines. clear lt_lines.

  call function 'SAVE_TEXT'
      client          = sy-mandt
      header          = lx_header
      savemode_direct = 'X'
      lines           = lt_lines
      id              = 1
      language        = 2
      name            = 3
      object          = 4
      others          = 5.

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