Find some error syntax and how to fix it when you convert a non-unicode program to unicode.


When you need to post certain flow type in your interest rate instrument of treasury module, you may use this function.

List of BAPI you can use to access Transaction flow of Interest Rate Instrument.

When you are using a BAPI with amount on its parameter input and your currency is different with USD, such as IDR or JPY where it doesn’t have cent, then you should convert your amount using CURRENCY_AMOUNT_SAP_TO_BAPI first.

to restrict users from entering unwanted option input on selection screen.

Date & time validation is needed for certain program, e.g for interface program.

This post is about full code to convert decimal to time format.

Find how to print more multiple ALV block in one page!

How to create XML in SAP then download it to local file in excel form.

an intro of creating xml spreadsheet using XML DOM function in SAP.

Table related to characteristic of material.

Capture log changes of table maintenance by creating event in table maintenence generator.